The First ByWassies Merch Drop

Welcome to the genesis ByWassies merch drop! To claim your Wassie merch, select a hoodie, connect your wallet to verify you own a Wassie, and enter the discount code we've provided to you at checkout!

NOTE: Caps are auto-included with each order! You will not see these at checkout but rest assured your dope Wassie cap will be on its way!


What is the ByWassie genesis merch drop?


It’s a limited edition merch line for our wassie friends. Consisting of a cozy hoody and a wassie-like hat based on the OG Tsukino wassie, these items will be only available to our active community members. It is also the first merch line that initiates our merch website, which will host a wide range of items available to everyone.

Why is it so expensive? How do I get some?


Merch is available to NFT holders who have participated in the community for free. If you are present in our events, wassify others, and come hang out with us, we will eventually send you a code. And using this code, you will be able to scoop a hoodie and a cap for free. Or if you are filthy rich, you can just buy one.

So I have to grind it?


No grinding. Just be there and vibe with us. In the end, this is a token of appreciation for our community members; thus, those who are there naturally will get the code.

How do I claim my merch?


See detailed instructions for claiming here

How good is the quality of the merch?


We have spent months of vetting manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality. Everyone who got their merch loved the quality.

What kind of products will be available as merch?


For the limited genesis collection, we went with hoodies and a cap. The second round of merch, which will be accessible to everyone, is now in production. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the merch (not just clothes). Follow @ByWassies Twitter account for sneak peeks.